Regular Brazilian Portuguese Language Lessons

These classes offer an experience designed to improve your familiarity and fluency in Brazilian Portuguese. Lessons are based on a set curriculum, which is then tailored to the students' hobbies, interests and personality.

Travel Class

A crash course designed to help you maximize your trip to Brazil. In the class, you will learn essentials about culture and language, including: how to travel inside Brazil, how to order in a restaurant, when, where and how much to tip, how to say important words and phrases.

Online classes

If you're not in Brazil or if you prefer to study in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office, online classes are perfect for you. You just need Broadband Internet connection (at least 10MB), Skype, headset and webcam.

About me

I am a native Brazilian speaker and have been teaching Portuguese for foreigners since 2000. I have taught children, teenagers and adults, one-to-one and groups in a professional and friendly environment. My goal is creating an effective and enjoyable learning experience for all students and generate results by creating a dynamic, engaging and measured learning environment.

I have a degree in Social Communication in Marketing and Publicity by ESPM - São Paulo, Neuro-linguistic programming Master / Trainer and Coaching. For my constant development, I have been attending workshops and teacher training courses.

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